Kapfupi,Marabha reunite after Sekuru Banda intervention

    United we stand: Sekuru Banda flanked by Marabha(L), Kapfupi. and Machisa (kneeling)


    • Sekuru Banda condemns holding grudges
    • Kapfupi and Marabha promise a massive comeback

    POPULAR comedian Freddy ‘Kapfupi’ Manjalima and Charles ‘Marabha’ Merisi have reunited after the intervention of revered traditional healer Sekuru Banda.

    The two erstwhile friends had a fall out in 2017 after Marabha accused his friend of bewitching him.

    The wealthy and yet humble traditional healer caught wind of the fall out and tracked the two until he located them in Epworth.

    He had to conduct a lengthy counselling session to the two until he broke the impasse.

    Speaking to this publication on Friday, Sekuru Banda gave a spiritual explanation of his actions.

    “It’s not proper for one to go to sleep while holding a grudge against one another.

    “When one gets angry against a person, you would have cursed yourself and the person you have a grudge against.

    “That’s why bad omen is the order of the day among many people.

    “It’s a result of keeping grudges against each other. The curse becomes worse when one party dies without having resolved the differences. It’s very important to settle matters when both parties are still alive. The soul of a person who dies while holding a grudge does not rest. As advice, let’s resolve any differences while we are still alive,” Sekuru Banda said.

    The traditional healer set precedence of intervening in frosty celebrities’ relationships when he weighed in on the Olinda Chapel and Tytan Skoko HIV accusations debacle.

    He has proved to be a counsellor, apart from being a traditional healer.

    Kapfupi was overwhelmed with the gesture and revealed that Sekuru Banda bought him a set of instruments in 2002 when he had an accident that destroyed his set.

     In an interview with this publication, Kapfupi revealed that it was Sekuru Banda who bought him his first set of musical instruments way back in 2002.

    “I am humbled by Sekuru Banda’s generosity. “He is like a father figure to me.

    “In 2002 when I was involved in an accident and lost my musical instruments, Sekuru Banda came to my rescue after learning about my plight through the media.

    “I have many other episodes in which I was helped by Sekuru Banda that I am not at liberty to divulge at the moment.

    “May he continue to assist more people,” Kapfupi said, holding back some tears.

    The duo promised to make a tremendous comeback although it will not be easy since new players came into the industry.


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