Judges plead with ED for vehicles and accomodation

Chief Justice Luke Malaba has implored government to improve judges’ condition of service, specifically by providing motor vehicles and accommodation.

Speaking at the official opening of the new labor court in Harare yesterday, Malaba said judicial service officers were finding it hard to get by and often finding solace from would-be offenders.

There are challenges that we face as the judiciary. We are concerned about the conditions of service for judges and magistrates. Some of our judges are yet to receive their condition of service motor vehicles,” said Malaba.

Malaba urged government to direct some of the foreign currency to the welfare of the judiciary.

We do appreciate your Excellency the scarcity of foreign currency but it is necessary that some allocation be prioritised for acquisition of conditions of service vehicles for our judges,” he said.

Most our magistrates have no accommodation of their own. As the JSC, we continue to look at ways in which we can ameliorate these difficulties so that judges can concentrate on the core business. We have engaged FBC to provide loans to the magistrates so that they can acquire motor vehicles,” Malaba said. 

Malaba also urged judges to execute their duties more efficiently and government to deal with the serious concerns of unemployment in the country.

“I expect judges to deliver judgment and finalise matters expeditiously. Employment matters are bread and batter issues,” he said.

The official opening of the new labor court marked a historical moment as the labor court now owns its house unlike renting a building which it used to do.