Intransigence big blow to peace in Zim: Mtata

ZIMBABWE Council of Churches (ZCC) secretary-general Kenneth Mtata last week said the situation in Zimbabwe was now out of hand due to a multiplicity of occurrences, including violence and the spiraling increase of prices.

In an exclusive interview with Zim Morning Post, Mtata said those in power mostly resorted to violence as a means to force compliance, adding that Zimbabwe could easily be catagorised as a non-peaceful country.

“The level of violence that has started to emerge in the last few weeks, particularly from the mining community, the Mashurugwis, is heartrending.

“The gulf that is growing between the State and its institutions, including the escalation of prices which do not match the incomes of citizens, is worrisome,”
he said.

Mtata blamed what he said was intransigence among those who could resolve the country’s raft of problems.

Mtata also said the rampant increase of deaths due to the absence of doctors in hospitals could have been avoided, adding it was regrettable that institutions like Doves and Nyaradzo Funeral Services had increased shifts in order to process deaths.

“We are already on the verge of closure and many people will take the peace we have enjoyed in the past for granted,” he said.

He urged citizens to take negotiations among political, civic and business communities seriously if hoped to bequeath a peaceful country to posterity.