IDCC pours cold water on sentiments by Mtata…dismiss 7-year break from elections


CHRISTIANS are not unanimous concerning suggestions by the Zimbabwe Christian Council (ZCC) to suspend elections for the next seven years so that the country may experience a break from decades of hate politics and a comatose economy.

These disagreements were voiced by Nehemia Mutendi, leader of the Zion Christian Church, during a meeting between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Inter-Denominational Council of Churches (IDCC) at State House on Monday.

The churches said the only way forward for Zimbabwe to unshackle itself from the present political and economic predicament was through the current Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) platform and urged MDC leader Nelson Chamisa to come aboard and join other political actors.

Andrew Wutaunashe of the Family of God Ministries said a genuine dialogue should be predicated on accepting Mnangagwa as the country’s legitimate President.

“The Church encourages dialogue; genuine dialogue must he based on accepting President Mnangagwa as the legitimate President,” Wutaunashe said.

He also said today’s meeting at State House was meant to lend support and show solidarity with the President and nation.

The pronouncement came as a blow to ZCC leader Kenneth Mtata who has been calling for the suspension of elections, saying POLAD was not the best platform for nation-building. 

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