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International Women’s Day: CAG pays tribute to Dr Nhanhanga

Leading transport operator, CAG Travellers Coaches, has expressed its commitment to gender equality and women empowerment, celebrating International Women’s Day by recognizing its director Dr Afra Nhanhanga.

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the historical, cultural, and political achievements of women.

The day is a day of action in support of taking action against gender inequality around the world.

Various studies have found out that women are still underrepresented especially the higher they go up in the corporate ladder.

CAG Travellers Coaches said it takes great pride in being one of the many companies challenging the status quo and understanding that gender disparity is a company-wide effort.

And what better way than celebrating and recognizing the accomplishments of its director, Dr Nhanhanga.

Dr Nhanhanga scooped Business Woman of the Year Award at the recently held Zimbabwe Business Awards on December 11, 2020.

The award was presented to her by Minister of Defence Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri.

She was conferred with a doctorate by UNISA in 2020 for her philanthropic work.

“Dr Afra Nhanhanga is a mother, Tete, leader and a manager who is straight forward and plays different roles to ensure the company is moving in the right direction,” CAG Travellers Coaches said in a statement.

CAG Travellers Coaches said the company embraces and promotes a culture that speaks to equality, diversity, inclusivity and innovation.

Dr Nhanhanga’s journey with CAG Travellers Coaches spans over a decade. She now leads the company’s strategy as Director.

“Truly speaking the road has not been easy. Transport industry is not easy, especially public transport. With public transport you need to be very prayerful because it is a business which includes people’s lives,” Dr Nhanhanga told the Zim Morning Post last month.

“You are not settled from the time the bus departs from the station to the time it arrives. You only become settled when the bus arrives. It our field of work we also come across accidents and what I have discovered is that your asset can be used by the devil to complete the task of accidents. Prayer has what has sustained us,” she continued.

“My father was a mechanic so that fostered the observance of keeping our busses in top condition. Our busses are fit for the road and that has helped to grow this empire.”

Dr Nhanhanga said she was excited to engage and work with the wonderful people at CAG Travellers Coaches adding that he diversity and inclusivity is rich.

She applauded the mutual respect and care among employees saying that had inspired her to grow stronger.

“Our relationship with employees has also elevated us. We are a family. We cook our meals in one pot. There is an overwhelming appreciation that we are all surviving off this brand. I am called Tete and that gives family atmosphere in that no one is afraid that this is the director and I am not approachable,” she said.

Dr Nhanhanga retraced how, in the early stages of the company, she had been chased away from an operators meeting after organisers laughed off the old and rugged one bus that made up her entire fleet.

Today, CAG Travellers Coaches currently provides convenient and efficient public transportation service in Zimbabwe and SADC Region.

The fleet comprises of 45 seater, 54 seater, 57 seater, 63 seater, 65 seater, 66 seater and 70 seater with an easy 24-hour reservation facility.

Dr Nhanhanga paid tribute to prayer, faith, respect and patience, saying these values, among others, had elevated the company to become a dominant feature on the country’s transport sector.

“We are all great in our uniqueness. My message to anyone business is that God demands us to work. God wants us to dominate and liberate societies. God wants us to eradicate poverty and make our societies look just like heaven, just as the prayer template says,” she said.

“To women, a woman should not eat with 10 fingers – five fingers for eating and five fingers for serving. You can see that an ordinary handbag has given women high blood pressure. We don’t have to die because of the latest things. When life gives you lemons all you can do is to make the best out of the situation. We need to take everything with a positive mind-set.”