Implement stringent measures to combat COVID-19: ZHDA implores government

  • ZHDA says health facilities should cease all routine out-patient departmental operations

THE Zimbabwe Hospitals and Doctors Association (ZHDA) on Monday implored the Health Services Board (HSB) to put in place stringent procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

ZHDA said the State had so far shown lack of preparedness at government health institutions in terms of controlling the pandemic.

In a statement, ZHDA president Tawanda Zvakada said the lack of clear direction and training on the pandemic had resulted in the overcrowding of entry points at health facilities.

He also said hospitals should scale down to emergency mode with immediate effect.

Zvakada added that frontline health workers should be provided with protective clothing to avoid the risk of spread to family members.

“Adequate personal protective equipment (should) be availed to workers at highest risk,” he said.

The ZHDA further added that health facilities should monitor all entry points in order to minimise visitors and overcrowding.

“Mandatory screening at all points to include purpose of visit to limit traffic as well as provide adequate distancing of visitors and patients in all health facilities,” he noted.

Zvakada also noted that there should be suspension of visitors of detained patients to avoid crowding in wards and corridors.

Those requiring emergency services would reportedly be accompanied by one other person at most.

The ZHDA president said government should step up and implement the stated recommendations, failure of which health workers would not continue to conduct duties.

“Without answer to the above mentioned concerns, we sincerely regret that we will not be able to continue conducting duties,” Zvakada remarked.


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