I would rather vote for myself than vote Khupe or Chamisa says expelled Masarira

Expelled MDC-T spokesperson Linda Masarira believes Thokozani Khupe led MDC-T is “a better evil” to Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Alliance but would rather vote for herself than put her trust in any of the two opposition leaders whom she believes have since betrayed the opposition movements caus

In an interview with Zim Morning Post in the aftermath of her expulsion from the Khupe led party, Masarira said there is ‘thin line’ that separates the two brawling opposition leaders.

“In terms of ideology yes it’s a better evil,” Masarira said of Khupe’s MDC-T.

“In terms of constitutionalism the difference is the same. They both indicate left and turn right. We have a mammoth task to ensure constitutionalism at all levels in our country.”

Masarira was expelled on allegations of bringing the party’s name into disrepute—a direct consequence of the fact that several photographs of Masarira, wearing a ‘Zambia’ inscribed with the ZANU PF logo at some location somewhere in rural Zimbabwe, were circulated on social media platforms.

She believes the reasoning behind her expulsion smacks of hypocrisy.

“Being expelled for tying a mere piece of Zanu PF cloth is the highest level of mediocrity which I will not dwell upon as I have better things to focus on as national development issues for the prosperity and posterity of this nation,” she said.

Asked if she was now going to join any other opposition parties, or the ruling Zanu PF, she said:

“I am not going to join any political party rather its time to put my vision into action. I am a visionary with a vision for a united, tolerant and democratic Zimbabwe.”

She added: “my vision is to restore ‘ubuntu’ in us. In Africa we have our own characteristics and founding values, if we build a system based on our own values, culture, characteristics we will do exceedingly and abundantly well.

“We only need to identify our characteristics and our founding  values and culture then design our own democratic system based on those fundamental principles  and we are good to go but unfortunately anyone who tries to push forward that idea is then considered a terrorist or sellout by some perceived strongmen who think they can control everyone’s mindset.”

“We lack identity as a people. A conglomeration of all things and do not know why things are not working for us as Zimbabweans. Without defining who we are means we going nowhere very fast. That is why it’s not easy for our people to feel a sense of belonging in Zimbabwe.”

“We are a fragmented society lacking a rallying point. For example being Zimbabwean means lots of different things to different people in Zimbabwe. Yet Zimbabwe is you and me. Without patriotism Zimbabwe will never prosper. “

“In USA their freedom charter recognizes: all men were created equal, is guaranteed the right to freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is a rallying point for everything American. What is our rallying point as Zimbabweans? What do we have as a nation or as Africans?”