Afrolynk goes continental

Afrolynk has begun the new decade on a high note by simultaneously hosting Meet and Greet events in 7 countries.
Afrolynk is a Berlin based Afrocentric Impact Venture that supports and brings together Start Ups, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investors, corporates and all stakeholders in the Africa – EU tech and entrepreneurship ecosystem

In an interview with ZimMorning Post , Afrolynk Ecosystems Manager , Kumbirai Chipadza said they had managed to establish communities in 10 African countries.

Chipadza confirmed the launching of Factory24 in May last year, an online learning initiative aimed at educating young Africans different courses such as Entrepreneurship , Career Development and Emerging technologies for free.

“ 2019 was a great year for us in terms of establishing communities in Africa and to date we are in 10 countries namely Tunisia , Ghana, Nigeria , Kenya , Zambia, South Africa, Cameroon, Egypt, Uganda and Zimbabwe and in advanced talks to enter Rwanda , Tanzania, Namibia and Ivory Coast.In May 2019 we launched Factory24 an online learning initiative where young Africans are taught different courses such as Entrepreneurship , Career Development and Emerging technologies for free.

“To date we have taught over 2500students across the continent.

“The ‘Meet and Greet’ is a way to thank the communities as well as upraise them of the 2020 programs such as our Mentorship Program, Digital Skills Program and funding through the EEP Fund,” Chipadza added.

Chipadza said the vision of Afrolynk is to bridge the gap between Africa and Europe by affording young Africans knowledge and skills trainings as well as helping them network and ultimately find partners and investors to accelerate their businesses.

” Afrolynk is working with different local partners across the continent but the advantage that Afrolynk has over others in the Entrepreneurship sector is that Afrolynk is an Afrocentric initiative that is based in Europe meaning it enjoys knowing the local African landscape as well as network and information from Europe that can develop Africa,” Chipadza added.

Chipadza reiterated that 2020 was a year of tangible progress for their communities in terms of accelerating their businesses helped by the establishment of an online global Market place,  Mentorship Programme that will bring both North and South mentors and funding through the EEP Fund. 

Chipadza urged young Africans not to be too sceptical to new initiatives but take time to read through and join the winning team.