“Harvest House Belongs to Us” Khupe

Thokozani Khupe, leader of splinter opposition MDC T is set to move into Harvest House, party spokesperson Webster Dube has declared.

In an interview with Zim Morning Post, Dube said the coming few weeks will see the MDC T moving to occupy Harvest House following a court ruling that declared Chamisa’s Presidency unconstitutional.

“As a democratic party, we abide by the rule of law. The law has ruled and in the coming weeks you will see us occupying the Harvest House,” he said.

Dube said Chamisa claims to be a democrat but he does not want to abide by the law.

We are having a problem with an individual who claims to be a democrat but he does not want to abide the rule of law. Chamisa suspends the constitution and make himself the law. He is a dictator,” he said.

Dube said Chamisa is immature and he wants to ride on people’s sufferings to power hence the evidence that he does not have solutions.

Every now and then, you see Chamisa supporting the imposition of sanctions. He always wants to see people suffering so as for him to claim to be a Messiah. This is the evidence that he does not have a solution because as a leader your grip on power must not be on people’s sufferings,” he said.

The High Court on May 8 declared Nelson Chamisa’s presidency of the MDC Alliance unconstitutional.

The ruling gave Khupe a launch pad to occupy Harvest House and to use all other assets that were left by Morgan Tsvangirai.

According to Dube Harvest House is not a personal property of the Makone family rather a property that was bought by MDC and Ian Makone, Eric Matinenga and another white guy in Australia, who are trustees of the building.

“We are coming to Harvest House and we know it’s a MDC property which is being overseen by Advocate Eric Matinenga, Ian Makone and another colleague in Australia as trustees and the rumour saying its Makone’s property is nonsense. We are coming for everything that is ours” said Dube.

Asked about the wrangle of ownership of the property Jacob Mafume MDC spokesperson said that he cannot talk about Harvest House.