“Gumbo a total failure” Mangoma

Former minister of Energy and Power Development in the Government of National Unity (GNU) and former Coalition of Democrats (CODE) leader Elton Mangoma has described deposed Energy Minister Jorum Gumbo as a complete failure.

On the sidelines of the Political Actors Dialogue launch in Harare Mangoma said that there was no need for President Emmerson Mnangagwa to continue accommodating Gumbo.

“Look he has failed in the two ministries which he led there is actually no reason why the president should continue rotating him in cabinet because there is nothing new he will bring to the table,” Mangoma said.

“I have been a Minister of Energy myself during the GNU, I think of all the ministers who have worked in that ministry he is the worst performer, he failed to solve the fuel crisis among other issues and for anyone to expect him to monitor implementation projects will be a miracle.”

Mangoma encouraged the current administration to deal with corruption in a proper and professional way.

“The whole trajectory that is being employed is very wrong and we are heading to a catastrophe, there is a lot of nepotism in the appointment of ministers and board members of parastatals and we need strong independent people to lead those institutions,” he said.

The opposition leader said corruption was deep rooted with people who feel it’s their time to benefit from the leadership positions they are occupying.

Mangoma further said government has been pretending to deal with corruption if they were serious about it would have ended.