Grace Mugabe, son hit by US$4 million lawsuit

Former first Lady Grace ‘Gucci Grace’ Mugabe has been dragged to court together with five other respondents on a US $3, 922 million lawsuit after allegedly invading four upmarket houses in Harare belonging to a businessman in a dispute over the purchase of the controversial US$1,4 million diamond ring.

Jamal Hamed through his lawyers, Beatrice Mtetwa and Tawanda Nyambirai Legal Practitioners is claiming US $2 million for defamation, US $342 000 for unlawful occupation of his four properties, US $205 000 for damages to his properties and furniture, US $375 000 damages for unlawful interference with contractual relations which deprived his company of its right of occupation and US $1million for loss of income that could have been realised in rentals.

Grace has been sued along with with her son Russel Goreraza, an officer with the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) police protection unit Kennedy Fero, an officer with ZRP at Harare Central, law and order section Nyambo Viera and the commissioner of the ZRP.

Hamed the businessman who was contracted to deliver the diamond ring which was meant to be an anniversary gift for the former first lady is suing the former first ladies camp on a range of allegations ranging from defamation to destruction of furniture.

The plaintiffs in the matter are Hamed, Thatchfree investments, Superearth Properties, Itchester Investments, Ninjali enterprises, New Millennium and Diamond village.

Hamed claims that his character as a renowned diamond entrepreneur was tarnished as on several occasions he was termed a dangerous international criminal.

Grace and Gorereza stated on diverse occasions in their affidavits that Hamed breached an agreement for the sale of a diamond ring with Grace, and had consequently been deported and or banned from three African countries because of his criminal activities,” the papers read.

Fero and Nyambo stated on diverse occasions in their affidavits that Hamed was a dangerous international criminal with far and wide ranging criminal activities in Zimbabwe and was being sought by Interpol in terms of a Warrant of arrest.

Hamed argues that these negative narratives about him were widely published in the media, both print and online publications in the country and beyond  injuring his image as a businessman therefore he was suing for US $2 million for defamation.

He went on to sue for unlawful occupation of four upmarket properties which were vandalised in turn depriving him of his dues in rentals from 2016 up to 2018.

Sometime in April 2015, Grace placed an order for a diamond with Hamed’s daughter in Dubai which she indicated her husband wanted to buy her for their anniversary.The diamond was reportedly not readily available as it had to be sourced from a third party who had to be paid upfront and an agreement was made that Hamed would meet all costs which would be compensated after the ring was delivered. Reports are that the transfer of the US $1.4 million was done from Zimbabwe in May 2016 and the diamond was tendered to Grace in Dubai who in turn refused it insisting on having a full refund of her money in Dubai. It was reported that Grace commenced a “reign of terror and harassment where Hamed was verbally threatened, harassed, insulted and control of his properties was taken in the process.