Govt subsidised roller meal: Police, civil servants get first preference

  • Ordinary people get it tough purchasing govt subsidised roller meal
  • Product a preserve of some ZRP officers, civil servants
  • Sometimes teargas fired to scare away ordinary buyers

SOME uncouth members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and civil servants have reportedly ganged up to “loot” government subsidised maize meal at delivery points, amid allegations they are getting the first offer when it comes to purchasing the scarce commodity.

There are also allegations the product is later being sold at more than double the government subsidised price.

Reached for comment, police spokesperson Paul Nyathi requested that Zim Morning Post gets back to him after an hour.

After an hour, Nyathi said he could not give a comment as he was in a meeting.

Early this week, Zim Morning Post reported cases in Kuwadzana where the two local OK supermarkets – after receiving the subsidised roller mealie – allegedly roped in some rogue members of the ZRP to help disperse long queues.

The said rogue police officers fired into those already queued to buy the product, sending them running into all directions, leaving themselves and management at the two OK supermarkets buying the cheap commodity.

This publication also witnessed an incident on Wednesday at Makoni Shopping Centre in Chitungwiza where a ZRP officer and some civil servants grabbed the first offer to buy the roller meal from a small consignment delivered at the local TM supermarket.

Ordinary citizens were pushed aside despite having taken their place in the long, winding queue since early morning.

A disgruntled Chitungwiza resident told Zim Morning Post that uniformed ZRP officers and others calling themselves staff members would go straight to the head of the queue, much to the chagrin those in front.

“Police and others calling themselves staff are being heartless.We are all human beings. I have been here since early morning. I was supposed to have purchased my ration by now,” said one disgruntled Chitungwiza resident.

“The police in uniform are the major culprits as they at times just come here and inculcate fear into us through their tear smoke before disregarding the queue and buy the roller meal themselves. Unozongoona vatakura hupfu voenda (All we will see is the ZRP officers carrying their roller pockets and leave),” he said.


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