Govt in panic mode…as police conduct stop and search exercise


ZIMBABWE Republic Police (ZRP) has on Monday morning deployed officers along all main highways into the capital city, to conduct a stop and search exercise, Zim Morning Post can report.

Police are on high alert even in the central business district (CBD) and in the dormitory town of Chitungwiza.

The development comes amid claims by police that the opposition MDC is mobilising a militia group after police helmets were found within the vicinity of the party headquarters.  

This reporter witnessed the stop and search exercise at strategic locations at Chitungwiza Unit H junction.

The second road block which caused a 5 kilometers traffic jam, was at the corner of Seke and Delport roads forcing motorists to avoid these roads.

In the CBD, anti-riot police could be seen at all the strategic places that have a tradition of being ‘hot spots’ and epicentres of violence.

The planned demonstrations were triggered by the escalating cost of living that has seen recent price hikes of fuel and bread.

The price of bread was pegged at ZWL$6.80 and is now ZWL$15 which is equivalent  to US$1 on the black market.

A litre of fuel is also priced at the same range with a loaf of bread prompting civil servants to demand their salaries in United States dollars .

Most employees have been victims of salary erosion through to the instability of the economy which finance minister Mthulin Ncube has dubbed a passing phase and ‘austerity measures’.

ZRP national spokesperson Paul Nyathi was not available at the time of writing. 

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