Govt hits back at diplomatic community for ‘hypocrisy’

Information ministry secretary Nick Mangwana

GOVERNMENT has Tuesday taken a swipe at some sections of the diplomatic community which it alleges exhibited highest levels of hypocrisy after condemning the police response to illegal demonstrations championed by the opposition MDC on August 16, Zim Morning Post can report. 

On Tuesday, the heads of delegation of the European Union , France, Germany, Greece, Sweden, United States , Canada, Australia and others issued a statement on purported human rights and freedom violations.

Government, through secretary for  Ministry of Information ,Media and Broadcasting services Nick Mangwana said it is taken aback by the intrusive and judgemental attitude displayed by the diplomats in a development that is clearly a  direct interference in the constitution of Zimbabwe.

Last week, the High Court issued a Prohibitive Order to stop the protests after perusal and duly considerations of submissions made by the Zimbabwe Republic Police who dissected and unearthed  the ulterior motives and intentions of the demos reached after exhausting their police work and discovering of weapons that would disturb peace.

“We therefore note with concern that the missions’ statement appears not  not to acknowledge this position of the law.

“A disturbing suggestion is that our courts should not have made the judgement and that illegalities were supposed to manifest and left unchecked.

“We find it quite strange and bewildering and an offense on the principle that countries represented by the missions wants so much to preach about,” noted Mangwana.

“It is disappointing that we are presented with a statement that ignores the importance of upholding both the constitution of Zimbabwe and the rule of law,” he added.

Mangwana’s statement  insinuated that the missions were like preachers whose allusions were preaching what they do not practice (or not wish practisced). 

The government  however made it crystal clear that despite the seemingly arrogance displayed by MDC, governments ‘s doors for dialogue were  wide open for the biggest opposition and other political players and the process is underway through Political Players dIALOGUE (POLAD).

The courts have made orders to foil the planned demos in Harare, Bualawo and Mnangagwa’s backyard in the Midlands province.

MDC has however vowed to continue with the demos as it forms part of their constitutional rights.

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