Snr police officer on the run over rape charges

A SENIOR Police officer is on the run after he was caught pants down forcing himself onto his 16-year-old daughter without her consent. 

Sergeant Tarusenga Zhandu, fled the scene after the complainant’s sister sounded the alarm after stumbling into his bedroom while Zhandu had his trousers down with the complainant on the bed. 

The sexual abuse occurred over a two-year period.

Police say Zhandu had been forcing himself onto the student on several occasions during the period extending from April 2016 to 19 August 2019 while her mother was away.

Zhandu continued to have sexual intercourse with the complainant on diverse occasions without her consent on every school holiday whenever the complainant’s mother would be away since April 2016 until April 2018.

Worryingly, during the August holidays of 2018 when the accused had relocated, the complainant informed her mother about the issue but she did not believe her. 

“The circumstances are that sometime in December 2015, the complainant and accused person went to Nemanwa,” Police said in a memo gleaned by Zim Morning Post.

On an unknown date but whilst still at Nemanwa during the night, the accused was seated on a fire outside the house together with the complainant. The accused person who is complainant’s stepfather inserted his hand into complainant’s blouse and fondled complainant’s breasts, complainant stood up and went inside the house but she did not tell anyone.

The memo continued: “Sometime in April 2016 on a date unknown but during the school holidays the accused returned home from work during lunch time and found the complainant alone at home. 

“During that time the accused and complainant were resident in Zimuto Camp and accused called the complainant into his bedroom and she complied. He removed complainant’s clothes and he had sexual intercourse with her once without her consent. He threatened the complainant that he would chase her away from home if she divulges the matter to anyone. After the incident the accused returned to work and complainant did not tell anyone.”

Police said the complainant informed her mother about the issue but she did not believe her.

“The complainant went further and informed their neighbor ,” Police added.

“The neighbour then approached the family and they discussed the matter with complainant’s mother and the accused person.  The accused denied the allegations and the matter was not reported because they did not believe the complainant. The accused stopped his behaviour after this engagement and did not have any sexual encounters with the complainant again.”

It is further alleged that on August 18 2019 at around 2300 hours the accused person entered into complainant’s spare bedroom whilst complainant and her four siblings were asleep. 

He uncovered complainant’s blankets and the complainant woke up. 

The accused grabbed the complainant’s hand and threatened to chase her away if she made any noise. He dragged her into his bedroom. 

The complainant did not scream for help, Police said. 

“Whilst inside, the accused removed complainant’s clothes and lifted complainant onto the  bed. He also removed his short trousers. As he was about to mount on top of the complainant, the door was opened and complainant’s sister entered the room.

The complainant moved out of the room crying naked. Complainant’s sister then woke up some of the siblings since their mother is away. ”

The distressed siblings are said to have advised their neighbour who rushed to the house but by the time she arrived at the scene the accused had already left the house to an unknown destination. 
The case was reported under ZRP Chikato RRB number 4084949 on August 19. The accused person is still at large.