Furore over renaming of roads…citizens demand to see budget for exercise.

THERE was great furore Thursday evening ,when cabinet approved the renaming of roads and streets with a section of the public submitting that government was majoring in the minors against bread and butter issues that needs to be addressed.

Government said the move was an effort to define the country’s identity, culture and history.

Veteran journalist and critic Hopewell Chin’ono came out guns blazing at the development.

“It is demeaning for a whole cabinet to sit down 40 years after independence renaming colonial roads and  hospitals instead of building new things which we can name,” he registered his sentiments on Twitter.

He said government must take a leaf from Rwanda where Paul Kagame inherited a battered country in 1994 but is pre-occupied with creating new things.

The Zim Morning Post newsroom was Thursday night, inundated with calls from citizens who were castigating the development  demanding that the government avail the budget of funds set aside for this exercise.

“We all know how greedy some of these chefs are.

“We need transparency in the tendering system, which company will be contracted to supply the sign posts and what criterion is used.

“We need to see the budget otherwise someone on top is waiting to harvest where he did not sow,” said one caller who concealed her identity.

The renaming of roads come at a time when the state of the roads in the country is in comatose leading to increase in road carnage.

“The money and energy invested in the renaming exercise must be channeled towards road rehabilitation and tightening of screws at Zinara where corruption reigns supreme,” opined another caller.

However, some were of the view that the renaming of the roads and streets goes a long way in reclaiming our lost identity as Zimbabweans and Africans at large.

“Some people are always there to blame the government for everything.

“This move is perfect and is god in honouring our living and fallen heroes.

‘It brings a sense of identity and pride in our history,’’ said Zivanai Zhuwao a sociologist .

Below is a list of some of the name changes made:

Enterprise now ED Mnangagwa Ave.

6th Road in Bulawayo now ED Mnangagwa Ave.

Kirkman now Solo Mujuru Drive.

Livingstone now OR Tambo Ave.

Charter now Fidel Castro Road.

Cameroon now Joseph Msika Road.