Frank Buyanga child custody wrangle rages on…Ex-wife bares her soul

In the eye of a storm: Frank Buyanga allegedly hired bouncers to kidnap his son who is in the middle of a custody wrangle
  • Business tycoon accused of bribing media, police
  • Ex-wife says she is sole custodian of the child
  • She says police being used to harass her

THE ongoing wrangle for the custodian of the child between business tycoon Frank Buyanga and ex-wife Chantelle Muteswa took a new twist amid reports Muteswa is the sole custodian of the minor.

This comes after Buyanga dragged President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s family into the fued after accusing the first lady Auxilia Mnangagwa, and her children Emmerson Junior and Collins of helping Muteswa to win custody of the child.

Buyanga, recently was quoted in various media outlets claiming the first family was supporting Muteswa.

In a statement Muteswa distanced the first family from her dispute with Buyanga.

“Buyanga has made various allegations of association between myself and the First Family, specifically that I have somehow gained the active involvement of the First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa, and her two sons who he alleges I am romantically involved with.

“I state here and now that I have never met the First Lady despite my efforts, she has never involved herself in my dispute with Buyanga. I am not romantically involved with either gentlemen, and most certainly not with both of them.

“Buyanga is a habitual liar and survives by it, his attempts to hoodwink the public are born out of desperation that he has not been able to capture and abuse the First Family. I extend my sincere apologies the targeted members of the First Family and I fully understand that they may not be able to respond publicly to these falsities.,” said Muteswa.

Muteswa also said she has court orders granting her sole custody of the minor.

“I am the sole custodian of the minor child concerned since his birth. I obtained a court order for sole custody from the Children’s Court on the 29th May 2019 (CCA205/18),” she said.

“That order is an extant order and currently the only order regulating the custody of the minor child. Buyanga’s contention that the order is outdated or has expired is based on an ignorant view of how court orders are varied or amended. His desire to corruptly use his personal relationships with senior police officials to arrest me, the custodian, for taking custody of the child betrays his failure to appreciate the law.”

“This is not the first time he has made this false allegation, in 2014, after the Gauteng High Court ordered him to sign the 2 year old’s passport application form, he refused. The Sheriff of the Court signed in his place, I travelled with the child to Zimbabwe in terms of the court order (35102/2014) and returned to South Africa.

“At his instance he requested that I relocate to Zimbabwe in 2015. In 2016, Buyanga invited us to his hotel in South Africa where he physically abused myself and the child, he threw us out and made us destitute before strangers offered us assistance. We returned home to Zimbabwe.

“On my return, he, as usual, falsely reported that I had kidnapped my own child. In most of his affidavits before the courts, Buyanga swears to false statements which elsewhere would be a criminal offence.”

“Buyanga filed for joint custody (HC3971/19) in March of 2019, the matter was heard by Judge Zhou in July 2019 and a decision granting him joint custody was handed down on 19th March 2020. That order is currently suspended through an appeal I made to the Supreme Court on March 23rd 2020,” she said.

Muteswa also accused Buyanga of bribing the media to publish falsehoods as well as the police who grant him protection.

“He is always seen driving in the company of at least 3 heavily armed police officers from CID Homicide threatening everyone who assisted me to defend my rights,” she said.


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