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Fatal collision near Beatrice: Death toll rises to 16

Fatal collision near Beatrice: Death toll rises to 16

BEATRICE – The death toll from a catastrophic collision on the Harare-Masvingo road has climbed to 16, authorities confirmed on Saturday, following the demise of an injured passenger at Chitungwiza Hospital.

The fatal incident, which occurred near Beatrice at the 52-kilometer mark, involved a haulage truck and a Mercedes Sprinter carrying 44 passengers. The truck initially struck a VW Polo and subsequently collided head-on with the Sprinter, which was en route to a church event in Chivhu.

Police spokesperson Paul Nyathi, in a Saturday statement, announced the increase in fatalities and provided details of the accident.

Nyathi said, the haulage truck, traveling towards Harare without passengers, rear-ended the VW Polo, also passenger-less and bound for Harare. The impact caused the truck to swerve into opposing traffic, leading to the tragic confrontation with the Sprinter.

“The passengers were members of Angels Family Apostolic Church who were on their way to Makumumavi Shrine, Chivhu,” Nyathi said.

“The injured victims are admitted at Chitungwiza Hospital, whilst the bodies of the victims were conveyed to Chivhu General Hospital mortuary for post mortem.”

Nyathi urged motorists to remain vigilant, adhere to speed limits, and comply with all road rules and regulations to prevent further loss of life.

The names of the identified victims have been released by the police, while efforts are underway to identify the remaining five victims through their next of kin.

Names of 11 of the 16 victims who were identified by their next of kin

* Joyce Mudzinzwa, a female adult aged 44 of Overspill, Epworth, Harare.
* Kelly Kwenda, a female juvenile aged 3 of Epworth Harare.
* ⁠Elisha Jack, a male juvenile aged 6 of Overspill, Epworth, Harare.
* ⁠Elija Jack Tawananyasha, a male juvenile aged 5 of Overspill, Epworth, Harare.
* ⁠Ezra Jack, a male infant aged 1 year 1 month of Overspill,
Epworth, Harare.
* Prudence Mahachi, a female adult aged 31 years of Overspill, Epworth, Harare.
* ⁠Talent Rangwa, a female aged 23 years of Overspill, Epworth, Harare.
* ⁠Leeroy Kido, a male juvenile aged 8 of Overspill, Epworth, Harare.
* Lloyd Kido, a male juvenile aged 4 of Overspill, Epworth, Harare.
* ⁠Elmod Ncube, a male adult aged 18 of Overspill, Epworth Harare.
* ⁠Decision Maizivei, a male adult aged 26 of Madheu Village,
Chief Nyashanu, Buhera.