Covidgate: MDCA piles pressure on Govt… demands public inquiry

THE MDC Alliance on Thursday urged the nation not to be swayed by the Zanu PF government so that they forget about the corruption happening during the COVID-19 lockdown era, party spokesperson Fadzai Mahere has said.

Addressing journalists in Harare, Mahere said the MDC Alliance would not be destructed by the Zanu PF government so that they stop fighting against corruption.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a blatant attempt by the State and its proxies to keep us destrusted by side shows masquerading as national issues,” Mahere said.

On behalf of the 2.7 million who put their faith in the MDC Alliance, we are putting the State and all its operators on notice. We will not be destracted from the real issues bedeviling our nation,“ she said.

In the past few weeks, Covidgate has implicated senior government officials, including those at the very top yet all we see are theatrics, weak investigations and the arrest of the smallest, weakest and least powerful fish,” Mahere said.

The MDC Alliance, said Mahere, was demanding decisive and tangible action against corruption as it was negatively affecting the people of Zimbabwe.

We demand that a public, televised inquiry into the Covidgate scandal be done,” she added.

We are sick and tired of corruption being swept under the carpet and the perpetrators of corruption being exonerated behind closed doors to the detriment of the citizens,” Mahere said.

It is the citizens that pay the price for the looting, so we demand answers. It is the citizens who bear the brunt of the bad governance, so we demand accountability,” Mahere said.