Fake declaration forms ring busted at Beitbridge

Zimbabwe Republic Police special anti-corruption team has busted Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) officials who were issuing  fake declaration forms at Beitbridge border post  prejudicing the authority of millions of dollars.

The  special anti -corruption  unit descended on the culprits on Tuesday and discovered that the officials were working in cahoots with bus conductors as well as Zimra officials.

Speaking to this publication, an official from the police department said:

“Yesterday we raided buses at the border post and discovered that almost everyone in the bus had a fake declaration form that did not represent goods they had purchased, for instance one person had declared two boxes of cooking oil but she had more than 20 boxes in the bus”

 One cross border trader who spoke to this publication said :

“We just give the conductor R30 or US$2 for every extra item and once we reach the border we just declare few things instead of offloading everything and this saves us time.”

In March, this publication discovered that malayitshas (transporters) were working with ZIMRA officials and security forces to smuggle goods at the border post, while on Monday we reported on the  truck drivers raid at Forbes Border Post.

The battle to stop smuggling syndicates seems a mammoth task at border points.