Extend ZHRC nominations period: ZimRights asks Parliament

  • Human rights organisation says Parliament should extend ZHRC nominations period
  • ZHRC to enhance information dissemination to ensure maximum participation from the public

ZIMBABWE Rights Association (ZimRights) on Thursday pertitioned Parliament for postponement of the selection of Commissioner of the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC).

ZimRights said the period for the selection of the commissioner – which was supposed to take place tommorow (Friday) was inadequate and should be extended by a further four weeks from date.

The extension of the nomination period, according to ZimRights, would allow the public to interact, consult and consider the most suitable candidates for the position.

According to ZimRights, Parliament had not raised sufficient publicity to allow people in marginalised areas to participate in the nomination process.

Parliament has not availed enough tools and information for public participation,” ZimRighs said.

In a statement, ZimRights also noted that there should be increased publicity on the nomination process in order for the public to be aware of the process.

Nomination forms, for instance, were said to be available only at Parliament Building and the Parliament website.

Parliament is encouraged to improve on information dissemination and make the nomination forms available in all the provinces,” noted the statement.

ZimRights further noted that Zimbabwe was s multi-lingual society, implying that publicity was supposed to be done in all languages in order to enhance public engagement.

Zimbabwe is multi-lingual and that the vast majority of its citizenry are in communities where there is limited access to information,” ZimRights also said.

The rights organisation said the participation of the public should be substantial.

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