You are currently viewing Emergination Africa: Empowering young innovators to create employment opportunities in Zimbabwe and beyond
Young innovators showcase their solutions at the NBCC, organized by Emergination Africa.

Emergination Africa: Empowering young innovators to create employment opportunities in Zimbabwe and beyond

HARARE – The world is changing faster than ever before, thanks to the power of innovative technologies. Young people are at the forefront of this change, making a difference in the global economy and society. Generation Z has proven that they are not lazy or dependent, but rather courageous and creative. They are not afraid to question the status quo, to bring new ideas to the table, and to solve hard problems. However, in Africa, many young people face challenges that prevent them from reaching their full potential. They lack the support and opportunities they need to thrive in a competitive and dynamic world. In fact, 60% of Africa’s youth, aged 18 to 30, are unemployed. Only 6% of high school graduates get access to tertiary education. The rest are left out of the job market or face limited prospects after graduating from universities.

Emergination Africa hosts the NBCC, where young entrepreneurs present their innovative ventures

Emergination Africa is determined to change this situation. We want to empower 2 million learners by 2027 to create 360 micro ventures. We do this through our National Business Case Competition (NBCC), where high school learners get a chance to generate employment opportunities for themselves and others. They showcase their innovative solutions and learn how to turn them into sustainable, practical, and scalable ventures. We believe that by tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit of high school learners, we can create a positive impact in Zimbabwe and beyond.

We have been running the NBCC for the last 2 years, reaching over 140 high schools and developing 13 budding ventures under our wing. Some of these ventures are:

● Ballenious Pvt Ltd (Northlea High School)- Baobab Juice and Baobab Coffee manufactures
● Diapo Pvt Ltd (Queen Elizabeth High School)- Biodegradable Diapers
● Wascus Pvt Ltd (Marist Nyanga High School)-Organic Pig Feed
● Pured Pvt Ltd- (Mzingwane High School)-Tomato Powder
● Food Wealth Grain Shellers (Hippo Valley High School)-Small Grains’ shelling
● Caenda Cycles (Westridge High School)-Electric Bike
● Verde Pvt Ltd (St Dominic’s High School)-Biodegradable Agricultural Foil
● Aggrabit Investments (Nashville High School)-Rabbit Urine Fertilizer
● Afrilephant (Milton High School)-Organic Fruit Cereal
● Easy Source (St Dominics )-Health Application System
● Peasea Brands ( Nyatsime High School)-Avocado Coffee
● Lavish Biogas (Oriel Boys High School)-Biogas from Kitchen waste
● Amahle Marula Oil ( Manama High School)-Skin care oil from Marula fruit)

Educators, enroll your school in the highly anticipated NBCC 2023 and seize the opportunity to secure a remarkable USD 5000 seed capital for your learners ventures and also receive global and local mentorship and advisement. Let us forge a path together towards a future where our youth embody the qualities of risk-taking, agility, innovation, and the courage to transform their aspirations into tangible achievements. The future is not a distant horizon—it is here, beckoning us to embark on this transformative journey side by side. Waste no time and register your school today to embark on this thrilling adventure of exploration and possibility.

Please contact us on the below +263780404876 +263777902049