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Ecolighting – more than just lighting

By Michael Nott

Ecolighting is a proudly 100% Zimbabwean company that has been providing lighting designs and unique lighting solutions to Zimbabwe (and the region) for many years.

Initially known as Streamlight – founded in 2009 – they rebranded as Ecolighting in 2019. They’re located at 14 Westcott Road in Mount Pleasant in a custom built showroom close to Arundel and Pendennis Shopping Centres.

Ecolighting stock a wide range of light fittings and accessories imported from leading manufacturers around the world.

They stock an exciting range of indoor light fittings, including pendant lights, chandeliers, down lighters, wall lights and table lamps. In addition to what you can see displayed in their showroom they also have extensive catalogues from leading lighting suppliers that you can browse through.

These light fittings are ideal for residential projects, as well as for hotels and lodges, restaurants and bars, office blocks and workspaces and for retail outlets.

While the majority of the light fittings mentioned above are ideal for ambient (general) lighting Ecolighting also supply lighting solutions for the other two main types of lighting – accent lighting (which is generally more decorative and helps to create or enhance the mood or atmosphere) and task lighting (where lighting is required for specific assignments – like in a study area, office, workshop or kitchen).

Lighting and interior designers often work with a combination of all three types of lighting.

Ecolighting provide so much more than just an extensive range of light fittings – they offer complete lighting design solutions, incorporating designed ceilings for cove lighting as well an installation supervision service.

Working with architects, interior designers and electrical consultants at the planning stage Ecolighting can suggest a variety of lighting plans that can be incorporated in the overall lighting design.

The trend in interior design for homes these days often focuses on an open plan layout incorporating the kitchen, dining room and lounge.

Ecolighting uses architectural plans, kitchen and furniture layouts and rendered drawings and the lighting design for each area is configured individually with a specific purpose switching matrix for each type of lighting.

Ecolighting consult thoroughly with their clients and drawing on their up to date research, conducted on various social media platforms, they offer advice and suggestions for a variety of lighting options available for different spaces.

Ecolighting could, for example, suggest down lighters in the kitchen for ambient lighting combined with, LED strip lighting under the top cabinets to function as task lighting illuminating the work surfaces, and a series of pendants over the kitchen island or breakfast bar.

Depending on the décor style the lounge could have concealed cove lighting, which is softer and warmer, perhaps one or more pendants in selected areas, and several floor or table lamps to create more intimate spaces.

Accent lighting could include picture lights or a spot focused on a prized artwork or between exposed modern timber ceiling designs. A favourite reading chair would need a task light – perhaps a large floor lamp.

Ecolighting can create the lighting design so that each area, and each section of the overall plan, can be switched independently. For example, the overhead lounge lights would work well on a dimmer, while it would create a more sophisticated atmosphere to turn off most of the kitchen lights during a formal dinner party.

While the space remains open- plan and connected the lighting design can help to define the various areas and give each space its own identity. Ecolighting have mastered ceiling cove lighting designs of any shape to attain glow without seeing the source of lighting.

Lighting for bars and entertainment areas can also add fun and atmosphere, whether for home or public spaces. Ecolighting can provide shelf lights so that the leading edge of glass shelving appears to glow from inside, cove lighting that seems to make the ceiling change colours, star lights for ambiance and recessed flush wall lights to create an entrance statement. Great for nightclubs and other venues where the lighting is an integral part of the décor and aesthetics!

For more serious applications Ecolighting can supply a huge range of lighting solutions – both the lighting design and the fittings – for offices and retail outlets including suspended LED strip lights, track lights and panel lights for suspended ceilings. In fact, Ecolighting has worked with a number of leading designers (as well as specialised shopfitters) to provide lighting for conference venues and exhibition spaces, showrooms, banks, restaurants, food courts and shopping malls.

They also have a huge range of lighting for outdoor use for residential, commercial and industrial applications as well as for sports facilities. For residential applications they have outdoor wall lights, garden lights to accent a beautiful tree or an elegant pot plant, pathway lights and even underwater lights for swimming pools or water features. Many Zimbabweans love to take advantage of our pleasant weather and dine or entertain in the garden in the evening – good lighting is essential and adds a sophisticated and magical element to the outdoor experience.

They can provide floodlights for parking areas or warehouses as well as street lamps for driveways or access roads. They also have motion sensor lights which are a great security feature.

Ecolighting can even provide highly specialised lighting solutions for everything from theatre lighting to medical applications including nurse call systems.

They not only supply the lighting and electrical design and the necessary fittings they supply a range of modern switches and electrical sockets, cabling and connection products and of course all the different bulbs and accessories.

All their lighting designs are highly adaptable and function on the conventional 220V AC current or on solar and inverter systems. They even offer a supervision and/or installation service with their team of engineers and technicians to ensure customers get the best value and performance for their investment.

Ecolighting’s consultants Mr Muringani, Ms Mutenure can offer you the best advice from an aesthetic ‘look and feel’ design approach as well as from a technical perspective as they both have a background in electrical engineering. Between them they have a wealth of experience in the complex field of planning, designing and installing the most attractive and efficient lighting systems tailor made to each customer’s unique requirements.

To complement their lighting range Ecolighting supply a select range of office and outdoor furniture.

The office furniture is manufactured by a number of different manufacturers but is exclusive to Ecolighting under their brand ‘Design for Desire’. The range includes the most sophisticated, simple and elegant contemporary designs for desks, work stations and work tables, cabinets and storage solutions, and office chairs – all manufactured with Ecolighting’s usual attention to detail and quality.

They also supply chairs, sofas, coffee tables and incidental tables for client waiting areas, boardrooms and informal meeting areas. Just a small selection of the range is displayed within their showroom but again they have extensive catalogues for customers to browse through. While the chairs and sofas are primarily designed for office spaces the clean, minimalist designs and their fabric options make the furniture ideal for any modern décor scheme, whether for homes, apartments or hospitality settings.

Ecolighting have a range of chairs, tables, loungers and benches for your garden or patio. The furniture is cast from rust free aluminium that’s lighter and more durable than conventional cast iron – and the manufacturing process is more eco-friendly too.

So once you’ve created a beautiful lighting design for your outdoor space you can enjoy spending time outdoors dining with friends and family or just relaxing on their stunning outdoor range.

To protect your precious assets – and save lives – Ecolighting supply fire alarm and gas suppression systems for strong rooms, switch rooms, server rooms, pleasure boats, vehicles, mining equipment, earthing construction machinery, agricultural equipment and electrical cabinets.

These systems can be fitted to, office blocks, shopping centres, hospitals, homes, restaurants, hotels, factories and warehouses, schools – or just about anywhere that safety is paramount. Eco lighting also offers training on installation of its fire alarm systems on special request. Eco lighting offers more than just lighting.

Ecolighting contacts;
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+263 (0)242 301 852
WhatsApp no: +263780054393
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