“Eat chill-pill” Chamisa advised

Zanu-PF secretary for Youth Affairs and party chief whip Pupurai Togarepi has urged Movement for Democratic Change leader, Nelson Chamisa to eat the chill-pill otherwise plans to remove President Emmerson Mnangagwa will backfire, the Zim Morning Post has learnt.

Togarepi on his Facebook timeline on Monday said Mnangagwa’s presidency was the representation of the will of the people, an outcome of the last year’s elections which cannot be sacrificed for Chamisa’s personal vendetta.
He urged Chamisa to relax and wait for another election, 2023.

“While I am no prophet, I know just as the sun will rise tomorrow that any attempts to reverse the will of the people, expressed unequivocally in last year elections will never be accepted, we have our next election in 2023, and until then President Emmerson Mnangagwa remains our President.”

Chamisa and his band of sore losers, whose recalcitrance is a stuff of legends should eat the chill-pill and move on because we have so many things to do yet so many distractions from all sorts of clowns who crave unnecessary attention especially whimpering adult man who believe they must be part of government even when the people rejected them,” he said.

Togarepi expressed his solidarity with women and men who went for the demonstrations on August 16 citing that they were used by MDC.
“I really felt sorry for the men and women who dared to cross the line and pushed the police to the limits because in the madness that was swiftly splashed on social media—I was being haunted by Chamisa’s own words that protestors are stupid, yes, the ambitious advocate-cum-pastor described his supporters as such just a year ago and it seems the would-be-demonstrators learnt nothing from that gaffe,” he added.

Togarepi said the Chamisa led party is like an ostrich that folds its head not to listen to calls for dialogue.

President Mnangagwa has extended his hand, he is talking to progressive opposition figures but like ostriches the likes of Chamisa have stuck their heads in the sand, they want to make noise but no one, not in Zimbabwe or outside is prepared to listen to the fictitious concoctions,” he said.

On 16 August, as was planned hundreds of MDC supporters turned out to heed the MDC call despite the ban, issued on the eve of the demonstrations by the High Court leading their dispersal by police, who patrolled the streets on foot and in armoured vehicles.

Nevertheless Chamisa is on the record threatening to bring Zimbabwe into a season of mass protests.

The high Court in Bulawayo on Sunday issued a prohibition order, rejecting opposition demonstrations that were scheduled for Monday.

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