Disabled students’ plight under scrutiny

PEOPLE Living with Disabilities (PWD) have taken government to task over the continuous neglect of learners in that bracket in Zimbabwe school curriculum, Zim Morning Post can report. Disability Rights Advocate Group chairperson Samantha Sibanda said learners with disabilities must have a special curriculum with teaching methods that suit those learners with disabilities.

“Children with learning disabilities are those going to special classes so they need to have their curriculum with the same curriculum goals of other learners, “said Sibanda.

“The Ministry of Education and Primary education must introduce curriculum with the same goals but different teaching methods that can be used for the disabled learners,” she added.

“If it is a curriculum for the deaf it must use strategies that suit the learners.

“We need these strategies rather than placing the learners into special classes, the teaching methods that needs to be applied needs to groom them for the future,” explained Sibanda.

She said she has worked together with affected children and approached government but found no joy.

Some of the challenges currently being faced by persons with disabilities include accessibility of infrastructure, employment and housing opportunities, communication, education and involvement in local decision-making processes among others.

For years students living with disabilities have been educated at specialised institutions or regular schools provided special class for them.

However, much special care has not been given to them, prompting calls by parents for the Government and stakeholders to take action and address the plight of the physically challenged children.

According to Sibanda, the learners need to be covered are suitable learning materials, cognitive development, special trained teachers and general learning environment.

At least 10 percent of the total population in Zimbabwe consists of persons with various forms of disabilities, while the general estimates put the unemployment rate for the disabled community at not less than 99,9 percent.