Cyclone Idai Update: Army, family members retrieving bodies

CHIMANIMANI – The Zimbabwe National Army and families members are retrieving and burying more bodies meaning that the death toll could be more than what has been officially given so far.

The government has officially announced close to 100 people have died from the ravaging Cyclone Idai. Two more bodies were retrieved Wednesday afternoon with only 17 survivores being rescued.

The bodies have been retrieved at Ngangu and Kopa areas where the cyclone hit hardest with torrential floodwaters. The government and partners that include individuals on Wednesday donated 20 coffins to affected members. The donations were made at St Thomas Catholic Church.

Amos Muusha from Ngangu said: “We have managed to retrieve 2 bodies of my relatives today, but I still have many relatives who are still missing,” he said.

“The numbers of deaths could be very high than what we are anticipating. The situation is so bad. A lot of people are still missing,” Muusha said.

There are fears that hundreds could be dead while houses, structures and farmlands have been destroyed. Reports say that some Zimbabwean bodies have been swept by rivers down the mountainside to Mozambique.

Currently the the ZNA and some family members are congregated at Ngangu and Kopa hoping to find ways to get to impassable areas where they are expecting to find more bodies.