Cyclone Idai Update: 17 survivors rescued

By Clayton Masekesa and Fungayi Chimbindi

CHIMANIMANI – Two more helicopters from Medical Air Rescue Services (Mars) and Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Companies have complemented efforts with Air Force of Zimbabwe helicopters and have rescued 17 people who have been marooned at Gonga in Chimanimani.
With weather conditions improving, more people are expected to be rescued as time goes on.
Hundreds of people are still marooned at Gonga and Kopa areas and efforts are currently underway to rescue the people.

There are fears that some bodies are still trapped under buildings and trees while others have been swept away. Other victims are living in the mountainous areas and require rescue services.
Incessant rains and mist have been preventing the helicopters from landing in the area.

Hundreds are still missing in the aftermath of the disaster, with families still stranded in the mountainous region.

It is also reported well-wishers have provided coffins to alleviate costs to the bereaved families.

Yesterday in his post-cabinet briefing the Minister of Local Government July Moyo said there were unconfirmed reports that an estimated 300 Zimbabwean victims of Cyclone Idai had been washed away into neighbouring Mozambique.

Moyo said areas around Kopa, Chikukwa, Ngangu and Chimanimani were hardest hit by the disaster. The official current death toll is 100, but most experts expect this figure to soar in the coming days.