Mnangagwa should be prosecuted over Grace Mugabe PhD, court heard

Suspended Vice Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe Levi Nyagura has argued that the Chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe should be prosecuted in the matter involving former first lady Grace Mugabe’s PhD as the law was being applied selectively at his expense.

Nyagura said this through his lawyer Sylvester Hashiti while responding to the State’s submissions on their application for exception of charges.

“The law knows no selective application, it does not apply to selective people and the role of the Chancellor is not ceremonial as the State seems to assume, the vice Chancellor actually has no powers compared to the Chancellor so he too must answer to these charges.

He is being prejudiced in that he is being prosecuted selectively on behalf of true people who should be before the courts, in this case the Chancellor.”

The court also heard that the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education which is the mother ministry under which UZ falls under had not pressed charges and was not the complainant in the matter.

The State argued that it is not saying Nyagura conferred the degree to Grace but that he facilitated the process corruptly and fraudulently.

The State will submit that there will be no basis of quashing the charges.”

The suspended UZ chancellor is answering to allegations of giving away a degree to former first lady without proper procedures.