Crisis at Chitungwiza hospital… shortage of beds affects patients

Chitungwiza General Hospital  has been hit by shortage of space and beds  to admit patients at the hospital for treatment, the Zim Morning Post has learnt.

Chitungwiza Hospital is the only ISO-certified health institution in the Sadc region and caters for local residents and surrounding farms.

However, it seems they have become incapacitated to handle the growing number of patients.

When Zim Morning Post  visited the hospital Sunday night several patients were groaning in corridors of the Out Patients Department while unattended.

Zim Morning Post spoke to some of the patients who said that they had arrived at the hospital in the afternoon and were not yet attended to.

“I came here around twelve in the afternoon and I saw a doctor who told me that I was supposed to be admitted  and I have been lying on this stretch (sic) bed since afternoon,” said one patient who spoke to us on condition of anonymity.

The news team also witnessed that only one doctor was attending to patients and this caused delay.

“It is almost an hour since i have been attended by the nurses and they have referred me to the doctor who has not yet shown up since then,” said a patient who was waiting at the OPD .

The hospital’s spokesperson Audry Tasaranarwo  confirmed that the population was increasing and burdening the  hospital but she refused to shed more light and referred this reporter to the clinical director.

“Chitungwiza Hospital covers the whole of  Mash East and there was no anticipation that the population will grow  but I have to refer to the clinical director for more information,” said Tasanarwo

Regarding the issue of doctors who delay to attend to patients , Tasanarwo said she wanted to contact the clinical director.

“Regarding this issue let me talk to the Clinical Director, I will come back to you,” said Tasanarwo who however did not revert as promised.