COVID-19 scare grips Zim Army

  • Member of the 1.1 Combat group infected after visiting a doctor
  • Both Dr and the soldier now in isolation

A MEMBER of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) was this week placed in isolation together with his child after they tested covid-19 positive following tests by army medical doctors, Zim Morning Post heard.

The ZNA member, who is based at 1.1 Combat Group in Bulawayo, was tested after suspicions arouse that was positive to the coronavirus.

Currently, corona virus cases in Zimbabwe stand at 320, with 49 recoveries and four deaths.

In an interview ZNA deputy spokesperson Major Alex Zuva told Zim Morning Post that reports that is a member of the ZNA and his child who recently tested positive to COVID-19 in Bulawayo are a mere speculation.

“What you are telling me is mere speculation, and there is no truth at all to those sentiments,” he said.

The Health Ministry continues to be on high alert to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the ZNA and Zimbabwe Republic Police busy in the forefront of the fight against the virus.

In major cities and towns security forces mount roadblocks along major roads in order to ensure that no one travels to their destinations without the requisite permission.

It is feared among their friends and relatives that security forces could become easily susceptible to the COVID-19 pandemic.