Coronavirus: Govt must step up awareness


THE Coronavirus scourge that started in China and spread across the world has exposed government’s lack of preparedness in disease control and natural disasters.

In a bid to allay fears of the disease having penetrated into the country, the government declared that all suspected cases had turned negative.

Well, suppose it’s true, government must now step up awareness campaigns in all parts of the country.

This could be done through road shows in remote areas and placement of adverts in all forms of media.

There is high possibility that a citizen in Binga may not even be aware of the existence of the virus because of inaccessibility to communication forms.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Saturday said the reported Covid 19 cases worldwide had surpassed 100 000 and urged all countries to be vigilant and put tough control measures to stop spreading the virus.

However, our government has not put in place any meaningful control measures.

There is no water in most high density surburbs and that in itself is a serious signal of government’s pedestrian approach to the scourge.

Government has to shut its airports and declare travel restrictions since it has no adequate equipment to test suspected cases.

It is without a shred of doubt that there are thousands of Zimbabweans who travel to China to buy stock for their  businesses like car parts sale and boutiques.

I urge government not to major in the minors and be more proactive and avoid lip-service.


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