Coronavirus: Is Govt telling the truth?


FOUR suspected coronavirus-infected patients have been reported dead either on the way to Wilkins Hospital or already admitted but still government is saying they all tested negative: the big question now is : Is government telling the truth on the pandemic or the nation is being sold a dummy in a bid to keep the situation calm.

Has the virus hit the motherland? If so there is no need for propaganda but to declare a state of emergency and increase risk alerts in order to control the spreading of the virus.

Propaganda will not work besides putting the whole country at risk.

Reports being disseminated by the ministry of information are sending shock waves to the citizens who now require the truth from the state.

on March 7 government reported that a Mutare woman who had visited China reportedly died on the way to Wilkins Hospital after exhibiting all symptoms of Coronavirus but government says ” she tested negative.”

Government also reported that a male patient is currently “quarantined after visiting Italy but he has no Covid-19 symptoms and tests are negative.”

Despite these reported cases sources also say a number of Chinese nationals have been quarantined and are being monitored.

One Chinese national is said to have died upon being admitted at Wilkins but government has not issued any statement with regards to the cause of death.

Is government genuine and openly telling the truth or the virus has hit us.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Saturday said the reported Covid-19 cases worldwide have surpassed 100 000 and urged all countries to be vigilant and put tough control measures to stop spreading the virus.

Government has to shut its airports and declare travel restrictions since it has no adequate equipment to test suspected cases.


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