‘Contract of shame’ cripples Zimra

  • Alleged corrupt appointment by suspended Zimra board chairperson Callisto Jokonya leaves tax collector clutching at straws
  • Alleged irregular contract creates toxicity between Zimra bosses

ZIMBABWE Revenue Authority (Zimra) Customs Commissioner Happier Kuzvinzwa is still reporting for work several months after he was said to have maintained the post through a corrupt contract renewal procedure. 

Impeccable sources told Zim Morning Post that all is not well at Zimra where the improper contract renewal that came to light mid last year has created a rift between Kuzvinzwa and Commissioner-General of Zimra, Faith Mazani.

“The pair currently has a sour relationship so much so that it has paralysed operations,” said an impeccable source, adding:

“The toxic behaviour is destroying valuable collaboration and productivity.”

The insider said Mazani and Kuzvinzwa have been at logger heads since mid last year when then Zimra board chairman Callisto Mazorodze Jokonya during the period from May 24 to June 27 allegedly abused his duty by showing favour to Kuzvinzwa.

Jokonya is said to have caused the renewal of Kuzvinzwa’s contract of employment as commissioner customs and excise which was expiring on May 31.

The matter is currently before the courts .

It is the State’s case that pursuant to Jokonya’s corrupt act and taking advantage of his position as board chairman of Zimra, Jokonya wrote a letter dated May 24 to Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube — who is the appointing authority.

Jokonya is said to have claimed that he had made due consultations with all Zimra board members and they had agreed that Kuzvinzwa’s contract be renewed for another four year-term..

It is the State’s case that on May 28 and acting on the misrepresentation, Minister Ncube approved the contract renewal.

Armed with the approval from the minister, Jokonya instructed the Commissioner-General of Zimra, Ms Faith Mazani, to prepare a contract of employment for Kuzvinzwa. Ms Mazani allegedly refused to comply since there was no board resolution to that effect,” reads the State’s case.

The court heard that having failed to convince Mazani, Jokonya got a contract of employment which he countersigned and was witnessed by external lawyers.

Prosecutors alleged that ordinarily, such contracts are signed by the Commissioner-General and witnessed by human resources director or chairperson of human resources committee.

The matter is yet to be finalised.

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