Chronicles of a Zupco bus passenger


    HAVING had left work earlier than usual, I made way to get transport home.

    I normally use the commuter omnibuses not because I am rich but simply do not have the patience to stand in those long winding  queues for the Zupco buses.

    Fortunately, on this day, the queue  looked manageable and the bus was just making its way into the terminus.

    I could not believe my luck, for the first time after the buses had been rolled out I was going home for 50 cents instead of the ridiculous $3 I was paying for the seven-minute ride to my humble home.

    After a few minutes, I had paid my fare and secured a spot in the 75 seater as a standing passenger between two gentlemen and I gladly accepted it as fate would have it because  it was worth the penny I was paying, little did I know that I was in for a nightmarish ride.

    The bus was obviously slower than my usual choice of ride, the commuter omnibus and the journey was to be longer than I anticipated.

    At first I felt my body heat increasing rapidly as the man behind me breathed into my back in an uncomfortable manner and my first instinct was to take in the process as it was to be expected of in public transport.

    I shifted uncomfortably several times to create a bit of space between myself and the gentleman behind me but he was magnetically glued to me and deliberately shifting closer to me all the more with each attempt.

    The bumps that sent the whole bus swerving in every direction as a result of the uneven road made the experience all the more worse and the gentleman in front of me moved a step forward to create more room for me and for that I was grateful but this was not to be the end to my woes.

    I found myself intoxicated by the breath of the gentleman behind me as the packed bus gave no room for circulation of fresher air between myself and him, again I shifted uncomfortably to get some private space and at this juncture I feel his evidently erect manhood on my back and I am highly alarmed.

    Politely and gently, I shifted and turned to face him and ask him desperately to push back a bit without trying to be a snob and offensive about the situation.

    The man had an outburst, serving me chilled vulgar assortments of insults at my inability to adjust to the Zupco setup.

    I was angry as it became apparent that this man had chosen me carefully to be his victim of this public transport sexual assault, but before I could say anything, the gentleman seated beside me who was witnessing everything jumped in to my defense calling this man out.

    The good gentleman, God bless his soul became my knight in shining armor as he offered me his seat which I gladly accepted to get away from the predicament I had found myself in until I reached my stop.

    It would take great convincing to get me in a bus setup again as I realized that the Zupco buses are being used by perverts who are sick in the head as a way of sexually assaulting others and getting away with it because of the crowded setup.

    It was a long  and unsavoury trip. 

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