Chingwena Accident: VID sucked in… as Zacc swoops on investigating Officer


The accident of Businessman Moses Chingwena has sucked in the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) after they failed to impound his vehicle after the accident.

An official from the VID Department has claimed that they failed to carry the vehicle since the investigating officer from Zimbabwe Republic Police is said to have failed to produce a docket.

Money exchanged hands between the police who were handling the case which made the docket to disappear at the station. And once there is no docket present then the VID cannot impound the car for further investigations,” said a source within the VID.

Killer car

The vehicle is said to have been taken to VID this week after the media reported the case.

What was VID supposed to do if they were not informed that there was an accident involved, we always wait for that confirmation and it did not come from the police,” he added.

Police sources had earlier on told this publication that the vehicle was taken to the Vehicle Inspection Department but no-one has seen the report as yet.

This comes as Zacc sources said the anti-corruption body is eager to question the investigating officer over what transpired on the day of the accident.

There are reports that on the day of the accident the investigating officer did not carry his or her duties as mandated by the law.

It is common knowledge that the vehicle involved in any accident, worse a fatal one is impounded,” the source said

Chingwena’s accident has raised an alarm in the corridors of power as he is said to be highly connected to top officials.

He knocked down Shepherd Mukatira along Poland Road in Gletwin in a matter whose details remain sketchy amid claims of a police cover-up.

We have not yet seen the VID report but we understand the vehicle was taken for inspection,” said the source.

On the material day of the accident the Executive Chairman of Croco Holdings Limited, was allegedly drunk and behind the wheel of Jaguar XJL.

Sources said Chingwena was in the company of his friend identified as Phibion Busangabanye and well known as Zimuto in their circles.

Busangabanye is said to have helped to source for a vehicle from a community funeral parlour which then took the body to Parirenyatwa.

From Parirenyatwa the body was transferred to First Mutual Funeral parlour and then to Nyaradzo which then took the body to its final resting place in Mudzi.

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