Chinese tile-manufacturing firm faces licence cancellation: EMA


THE Environmental Management Agency (EMA) on Monday sent a team of assessors to measure the extent of environmental damage that a Chinese tile-manufacturing company, Sunny Yi Feng, has reportedly caused in Norton, Zim Morning Post can report.

The move by EMA to visit the company’s Norton base followed complaints by residents of nearby Galloway suburb who claim that emissions from the tile-manufacturing company are adversely affecting their health.

Zim Morning Post‘s Monday edition quoted Galloway Residents Association threatening a lawsuit against EMA and the Chinese company claiming the emissions are taking a toll on their health.

This publication understands that EMA has moved to initiate an Environmental Impact Assessment in order to establish the obtaining toxic levels emitted by a variety of pollutants emanating from the tile-manufacturing factory, among them hazardous chemicals, acids, metals and dust.

There is suspicion that the Chinese company, Sunny Yi Feng, has since abrogated initial guidelines that enabled it to get the EIA certificate allowing it to operate within the Galloway suburb environs.

The EMA team will now go back to the area covering Galloway and beyond in order to check and audit if the initial provisions of the EIA certificate are still being adhered to,” Amkela Sidange, EMA’s Environmental Education and Publicity manager, told Zim Morning Post.

Sidange said the Chinese tiles manufacturing company was given the licence to conduct its tile manufacturing business within the blue-class category.

We are now going going to deploy some micro dust samplers in the affected areas to check on the soot and determine if the firm is still operating within the blue-class level,” she added.

EMA told this publication there was a real possibility that if breaches to the EIA certificate guidelines were committed, then the Chinese company stood the possibility of having its licence cancelled.

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