Chasi breathes fire at fuel operators

Energy minister Fortune Chasi has fired a salvo at rogue   fuel players who are engaging in hording causing panic and uncertainty in the market.

He gave an unequivocal directive to  such players to stop the practice forthwith.

 He said government will implement measures to enhance transparency and sanity in the fuel industry.

Chasi was addressing fuel players in Harare on Thursday as he mapped a way forward.

“Government will consider the publication of the volumes of fuel supply and institution of returns from the retailers and make it open to the public to enhance transparency, you cannot hide that you have no fuel stocks,” he said.

In an interview with Zim Morning Post, Chasi revealed that his ministry was at advanced stages of crafting a code of conduct that will guide fuel players.

“This will see a creation of a code of conduct and the remote monitoring of service stations which we will be running at high speed .

“We want to curb speculative behaviour so we have to put our foot down,” he said.

Chasi stepped in to calm the market on the uncertainty   engulfing the fuel sector.

The liberalisation of the fuel market by Zimbabwe Regulatory Authority (ZERA) on the last review compelled speculative prices triggered by the   parallel market determining the illegal reviews.

Last week, ZERA reviewed the prices upwards to RTGS$4.88 and $4.98 for petrol and diesel respectively.