Chamisa throws party youths ‘under the bus’… he declares presidency free for all

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa came out guns blazing Monday against MDC Harare Youth Assembly which had earlier on the same day declared that anyone who was going to contest against him at the party elective congress slated for May was an ‘enemy’ of the party.

Speaking at a press briefing at Morgan Tsvangirai House Monday, Harare  Provincial Youth Assembly vice chairman Stan Manyenga said that anyone who is going to challenge Chamisa will not be tolerated by the youths.

This was in apparent reference to the party’s secretary general Douglas Mwonzora who is touted to be interested in the presidency.

“A reckless and Zanu PF supported presidential supported choice would weaken the party ahead of future elections and the youth assembly would not tolerate that candidate who has a blessing from the ruling party,” said Manyenga.

“We will create an equal platform and conducive environment for candidates who intend to campaign for positions for vice president and below to campaign freely and peacefully,” he added.

This statement raised a stink on the democratic principles (or lack thereof) of MDC -A and Chamisa was quick to categorically state  the party’s position and clear the air throwing the Youth league ‘under the bus’ in the process.

He registered his sentiments and dismay via his official micro-blogging site Twitter handle.

“This is unacceptable and intolerable, whereas individual liberties and opinions are tolerated, macho politics unacceptable. Such politics occupy no space in MDC, the glorious family of Democrats, our party of excellence. We will put a stop on this and punish any such future infractions,” read the tweet.

Manyenga had said he believes that whoever is going to contest against Chamisa is a Zanu PF project and will not get any blessings from the Harare Youth Assembly and Chamisa rubbished that assertion.

Some political analysts submitted that the ‘misfiring’ of the Harare youth assembly shows lack of discord in the party’s communications department.

However, some argued that the Harare Youth Assembly was expressing their democratic rights and merely stating their position after deliberations at provincial level.

A lot of tension has mounted within the opposition party ahead of the much awaited elective congress slated for May 24-May 26.