You are currently viewing Chamisa NGAVHURE CHURCH: Madam Boss Declares Full Support for Zanu PF
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Chamisa NGAVHURE CHURCH: Madam Boss Declares Full Support for Zanu PF

Chamisa NGAVHURE CHURCH: Madam Boss Declares Full Support for Zanu PF

In a now-deleted social media post, Madam Boss disses Chamisa and expressed unwavering support for Zanu PF presidential candidate ED Mnangagwa in the upcoming harmonized elections scheduled for August 23, 2023.

End of the Road for Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)

Madam Boss boldly declared that the election day would mark the demise of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). She stated, “Mangwana ndipo pakafira sarungano.” 

Madam Boss took a direct swipe at CCC’s candidate, Pastor Advocate Nelson Chamisa. She mocked him and advised him to prioritize establishing his own church. Madam Boss suggested that he should leave politics to ED, whom she believes has the ability to successfully rebuild the nation. She stated, “Ngaabva avhura Church asire ED Huchi nyaya dzekugadzira nyika… President ED Has my VOTE.”

Madam Boss: A Social Media Sensation

With over 1.3 million followers on Facebook, Madam Boss wields considerable influence in the online sphere. Recently, she made headlines for giving birth to her second child with her husband, known as Mhofu. Throughout her pregnancy, one fan playfully suggested the name “Dzabu” for the unborn baby in the comments section of one of Madam Boss’ posts.

Upon discovering the comment, Madam Boss reacted with laughing emojis and kept a screenshot of the interaction. She later expressed her gratitude to the fan, Shaquille Judith Chimedza, on her Facebook account, appreciating the chosen name for her baby. Madam Boss even made plans to meet Judith on July 23 to personally thank her.

Reaction From Netizens


Tomorrow I am voting wearing my graduation gown and also holding my certificates, so that I vote right


Yatotengwa so brand


I thought tichapinza mukomana tose tmrw



Evelyn Nyamuranga:

Watumwa hre,my vote is my secret

Mai Eldelroi:

Nero for life

Tendai Joseph Chakanetsa:

By next week tese Tinenge tave kungotarisana tarisana tichishaya kuti akaivhotera chaiye chaiye ndiyani 🤣