Chamisa loses MDC-T leadership wrangle…analysts say it is an academic judgment

  • Political analysts say ruling is academic and will not change anything
  • Ruling has legal implications on political Finance Funding

The Supreme Court on Monday ruled that MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa is not the legitimate MDC leader in a judgment that settles the leadership wrangle between him and Thokozani Khule.

The ruling follows an appeal by MDC-Alliance leaders Chamisa and Morgan Komichi challenging a High Court ruling in May last year which declared that Chamisa was illegitimately acting as the party leader.

During the appeal hearing last October, Khupe who was being represented by Lovemore Madhuku asked the Supreme Court to throw out Chamisa’s appeal on legitimacy to enable her to hold an extraordinary congress and pick up the pieces.

The dismissal of the appeal must reinstate Khupe as the proper leader of the Movement for Democratic Change and the opposition party will go back and start from February 15, 2018.


In an interview with the Zim Morning Post University of Zimbabwe lecturer and political analyst said the ruling has no bearing on Chamisa and the current MDC Alliance.

“Legally it can have an effect on the disbursements of the political finance funding. Chamisa may be requested to share with Khupe,” said Masunungure.

“On the political front this has no bearing at all. This is just an academic ruling which does not change anything.

“Chamisa was elected unopposed at the MDC congress so he has a mandate from the people.

“What he now leads is an alliance, very different from the original MDC.”

“This is meant to demoralise him but surely it is an academic judgment without any effect,” Masunungure said.

Another analyst Alexander Rusero said the ruling has no eefect at all.

“The ruling is as ineffective as its posture. It is a political statement masquarading as a judgment. It changes nothing,” Rusero said.

Another political analyst Ibbo Mandaza said the ruling is has no effect on the main opposition MDC political landscape.

“This was expected but it water under the bridge. Chamisa was endorsed by congress. He led the MDC alliance in the 2018 elections. He has MPs in parliament so there is noway this ruling can affect him,” Mandaza said.

“Legally its one thing but what is more important is the political bearing. The ruling can never dent Chamisa’s political impact.”


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