Buyanga kidnapping case: Ex-girlfriend approaches police boss, Zacc over accused’s obstruction of justice

In the eye of a storm: Frank Buyanga allegedly hired bouncers to kidnap his son who is in the middle of a custody wrangle

Businessman Frank Buyanga Sadiq’s ex-girlfriend Chantelle Muteswa has on Monday written to Police Commissioner- General Godfrey Matanga and the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission (Zacc) chairperson Loice Maranda Moyo seeking clarity on the status of investigations regarding Buyanga’s alleged kidnapping of the couple’s minor child last week in Waterfalls.
Through her lawyers Mutuso,Taruvinga and Mhiribidi, Muteswa queried on why police has neglected recording a warned and cautioned statement from Buyanga, yet he is roaming free in Harare.
Muteswa further alleges that Buyanga’s lawyers had the tenacity to interfere with police investigations in a criminal matter involving kidnapping and attempted murder.
“We are aware that both Mr Frank Buyanga and his lawyers Rubaya and Chatambudza wrote to your office.
” In one of the letters,they delve into police operations with a query on why armed police had visited Mr Buyanga’s house.
“The legal practitioners have no business in directing police operations.
“Police have a constitutional and statutory mandate to act without any external influence that the legal practitioners purport to do,” wrote Muteswa’s legal counsel.
Muteswa alleges that at the time of the commission of the crime,Buyanga and his accomplices were armed and are still at large.
The attempted murder (of Judith Muteswa) and kidnapping matters were reported at Waterfalls police station under reference number RRB4310164.
The matter will be heard by High Court judge Justice Manzunzu and was set down for Thursday (case number HC2149/20).
Muteswa therefore wanted the police chief to furnish her with a written status of investigation report for the High Court’s perusal.
Last Saturday, the emotionally charged Muteswa broke down while addressing journalists in the capital.
She begged Buyanga to return their son.
The couple has been locked in a long-drawn custody battle.
A landmark ruling granting them joint custody was handed down by a High Court judge, but was to be suspended after Muteswa appealed to the Supreme Court .


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