Chamisa frets over pending Supreme Court ruling


NELSON Chamisa is currently feeling the heat over the safety of his presidency in the MDC party, amid fears that the pending Supreme Court ruling could order the reconvening of an extraordinary congress, with his arch-rivals Douglas Mwonzora and Morgan Komichi likely to preside over it.

The urge by some senior MDC members to oust the two has reached fever pitch, with a group of unruly youths allegedly led by Denford Ngadziore on Saturday said to have openly bayed for their blood.

The youths allegedly stormed party Headquarters at Harvest House, demanding that Mwonzora and Komichi be expelled from the party forthwith.

An insider, who spoke on condition he was not named for fear of reprisals, said Mwonzora had to be whisked away by Chamisa’s security details, with his vehicle having been extensively damaged in the resultant violence.

Allegations are that the youths are being sponsored by Chamisa’s close allies as they are the ones who stand to lose more if an extraordinary congress is called by the party’s former secretary-general, Mwonzora.

The source also claimed that going to such a congress, with Mwonzora in control, is the last thing Chamisa would ever wish for, knowing how unpopular he was among the 2014 structures which would attend the party congress, depending on the Supreme Court ruling.

MDC insiders claim that party lawyers have already told Chamisa that he was likely to lose the Supreme Court case against his rivals.

On a balance of probability, the Supreme Court is likely to dismiss the appointment of Elias Mudzuri and Chamisa as vice-presidents of the MDC and rule that the party call for an extraordinary congress which would be called and presided over by Mwonzora, using the 2014 structures.

During the 2014 MDC congress, Chamisa lost the secretary-general slot to Mwonzora.

It is believed that the former secretary-general has maintained a cordial relationship with the 2014 MDC council, even to date.

The lukewarm relationship between Chamisa and most of the MDC grassroots emanates from the latter’s belief that Chamisa sold out the struggle to people like Job Sikhala, Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube, who acrimoniously deserted the party to form splinter groups before finding their way back again.

In the view of many MDC members, Chamisa seems bereft of a sound strategy capable of moving the party forward and set it on the path to political stability.

The source said the youthful politician stands accused of being indecisive about whether to engage Mnangagwa in dialogue or take a confrontational route, accounting for the thinning of his support base even within the party leadership itself.

Claims are also abound that Chamisa no longer knows what to do about the party’s perennial losses to Zanu PF in by-elections recently held across the country.

Zanu PF has failed, it’s clear. But why are we still losing the by-elections?

Chamisa has concentrated on his legitimacy mantra instead of capitalising on the failure by Zanu PF. As a result, some leaders no longer have faith in him (sic),” another party insider said.

Meanwhile, Ngadziore has denied ever leading the rowdy youths who attacked Mwonzora.

That’s not true to say I was part of those youths because I am not a (Thokozani) Khupe person. Those guys were led by Rhino Mashaya and they wanted to disrupt the meeting that was being held by the leadership,” Ngadziore claimed.

I was not part of the youths, but I am that guy who has a problem with Mwonzora’s conduct within the MDC. He sides with the enemy, disrespects the president as well as undermine him.

When he talks with the youths, he has a tendency of undermining the president’s policies and we no longer feel comfortable with his presence in the party. If you resonate with the enemy, then you are not for this party,” Ngadziore said.

Efforts to get a comment from Mwonzora and Daniel Molekeli, the party spokesperson, were fruitless as their mobile phones went unanswered.

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