‘Burglars’ break into Zacc offices


ZIMBABWE Anti-Corruption Commission’s Mount Pleasant offices were Wednesday night broken into.

It was not clear at the time of publishing if the break-in was targeted to the on-going corruption busting campaign or if any key dockets for corruption cases were tempered with or stolen.

Zacc officials who spoke to Zim Morning Post said they had lodged a police report following the break-in although they were yet to establish if any documents were missing or computers tempered with. 

This comes at a time when the corruption busting unit has intensified its work, with its main thrust being on investigating to prosecute.

The anti-graft body has also been investigating to recover properties or money obtained through corruption.

Prosecutions have been going on ever since we took office,” Zacc chairperson Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo recently told Zim Morning Post.

To date, I can safely say we have investigated about 68 cases and files have been sent to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) for actioning. I cannot give you the full list of the prosecutions, but some of the high profile cases include those involving Zesa Holdings, Zinara and the National Social Security Authority top brass.

Besides investigating to prosecute, we also have been investigating to recover properties or money that was obtained through corruption, and we have made a lot of strides in this direction. Zacc has also been fighting corruption through awareness campaigns in a bid to prevent corruption,” she continued.

Zacc has been lobbying for powers to prosecute.

Many people do not really understand our mandate. My job is to investigate cases of suspected corruption, gather facts, arrest and where necessary send deserving cases to the NPA…The NPA deals with all cases, ranging from murder, theft, rape and corruption,” Matanda Moyo said.

She added: “Maybe they have a lot on their plate. But I think they have not been prioritising corruption cases, which is why I have been saying that Zacc, like any other corruption fighting bodies in the world, should be given prosecuting powers. In other jurisdictions, anti-corruption bodies have prosecutorial powers. Once we have those, then the public can judge us on what we have control over. For now, our hands are tied.”

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