Army officials caught up in Harare land corruption scandal

TOP ARMY officials, among them Brigadier-General Anslem Sanyatwe, jumped Harare’s housing waiting list to land vast residential stands in the leafy suburbs of Zimbabwe’s capital, Zim Morning Post can report.

In official documents seen by Zim Morning Post, Town Clerk Admire Chisango allocated a residential stand to Sanyatwe on October 21 irrespective that he had acquired another stand on January 25, 2018.

“Please, be advised that you have been selected for the offer of an unserviced residential stand, number 1052, in Mt Pleasant Township, Harare,” wrote Chisango to Sanyatwe.

“The allocation is a replacement of the remainder of stand 17291 STL (40683 STL) in Borrowdale West that was allocated to you on January 25, 2018,” Chisango added.

It was not clear if Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Tanzania and former commander of the Zimbabwean National Army’s Presidential Guard Brigade, participated in the interview process required at law or was on the housing waiting list.

The United States recently imposed sanctions on Sanyatwe accusing him of human rights abuses, “including directing an attack on peaceful protestors on August 1, 2018.”

Those close to Chisango, however, insist that as Town Clerk has an allocation of stands which he can give to whom ever he wishes.

Observers say the Town Clerk and the MDC run council often hands stands to Zanu PF officials and members of the military to secure protection and survival in the country’s toxic political landscape.

The issuance of residential stands to top army officials comes at a time the HCC top officials have been arrested on corruption and abuse of office charges.

This year alone, council has suspended the allocation of stands twice following allegations of rampant corruption in the allocation of stands.

Residents countrywide have urged councils to automate their housing waiting lists to ensure transparency in the allocation of stands and curb corruption.