Apex Council agric rep demands land for youths, women

  • Civil servants reps say govt should empower young people through agric programmes
  • Lack of funding for youths blow to economy

APEX Council for youths in agriculture chairperson John Muchenje on Thursday said government should empower the youth and women by giving them land on which to farm.

Muchenje said many young people were into agricultural projects but on borrowed pieces of land.

“Almost 80 percent of youths in agriculture are leasing farms,” he said.

Apex Council agriculture chairperson also said young people had creative and innovative ideas but lacked funding.

Muchenje added that those with farm leases should be given offer letters by the Agriculture and Lands ministry so that they have land on which to do farming.

“All young farmers with farm leases should submit their leases to the ministry so they can be given offer letters,” Muchenje said.

The Apex Council chairperson noted that other people who were given land for Command Agriculture abused resources they were given.

He further said Apex Council would put in place measures to punish those who underutilise resources given then.

“Those who abuse resources will be jailed: For every ZWL100 abused will be ten years in jail.We will sue our own members if they are corrupt,” Muchenje remarked.

“We want to work and consolidate the gains realised so far in the sector and even work in creating an environment that accelerates growth and benefits young people and women,” he added.

Meanwhile, Muchenje has challenged local banks to assist young people with loans to fund their agricultural projects.