Agribank in a crisis as employees begin industrial action

Local bank, Agribank is in a crisis as employees begin industrial action against poor working conditions and wages Zim Morning Post can reliably report.

Employees from the bank are reported to have brought blankets to sleep at work against poor wages which they claim no longer allow them to perform their duties respectfully.

Speaking to this publication Joseph Mverecha spokesperson of Agribank said the bank was currently seized with the matter and the board had an emergency meeting to discuss the employees working conditions.

He reiterated that the problem facing employees at Agribank were common challenges being faced by every employee in Zimbabwe but the bank was working to normalise their situation.

Images circulating on social media show some employees seated in one of Agribank’s branches rolled in their blankets and it was not clear whether the employees have been sleeping at work or it was just a posture.

Addressing the issue Mverecha said there was no one sleeping at work in any of their branches but could not deny that pictures where taken today in one of their branches.

“I assure you there is no one sleeping at work in any of our branches, I will get back to you after 4 because management is getting into a meeting with employees in the next 10 minutes”

A Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union (ZIBAWU) official refused to comment if any of their members was involved in the sleep-in at Agribank, she however said the union was currently in negotiating with the employer to solve the Agribank issue.

The industrial action by Agribank employees comes at a time other banks in Zimbabwe are giving out a “twofold cushioning” allowances to their employees to curb the current economic turmoil in the country.