300 Drs undergo ear, nose and throat surgical training

THE training of Specialist Doctors in Zimbabwe to do surgeons on ear,
nose and throat (ENT) viewed as minority but key components in the
medical industry are beginning to bear fruits as a huge number of
patients are benefiting.

Over 300 Doctors from all over the country have so far been trained on
ENT through the coordination of Wizear Trust in conjunction with
United Kingdom based medical school called London School of Hygiene
and Medicine.

Wizear Trust Zimbabwe is a philanthropic group working in public
hospitals of Zimbabwe. Its aim is providing Sustainable Hearing Aid
devices and Distribution programs across the country.

In an interview with Zimbabwe Morning Post on Thursday, Clemence
Chidziva who has been the brains behind the trainings said the
trainings of the Doctors were carried out in all the country’s

“The main purpose and objective of the training of Doctors on ENT is
to tackle the minority key areas which are left out in the medical
department, which are the nose, ear and throat,”
said Chidziva.

“The training of the Doctors helps to enhance their ability to tackle
their duties, which were once assigned to the nurses. Wizear Trust and
its partnering offices are committed to educate the Doctors with the
knowledge in preventing hearing and speech impairments,”
he said.

The training has seen many economically vulnerable Zimbabweans
regaining their hearing and benefiting from the services provided by
the trained Doctors.

Director of Wizear Trust Lucia Nkomo said the trainings were an
annual event.

“We have different representatives of professors in the department
field to train the doctors. This year we are expecting to increase the
number of trained doctors in the upcoming camps,”
said Nkomo.

Recent research suggests that large populations in Africa are being
afflicted to ENT related diagnostics, which will result in permanent
impairments especially in countries with low-income economies.