Zupco inefficiency blow to UZ students


UNIVERSITY of Zimbabwe students on Wednesday expressed disgruntlement over the inefficiency of Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Zupco) buses plying the City-Mt Pleasant route. 

The students are reportedly missing lectures, while some run late as a result of the crisis.

Speaking to Zim Morning Post on Tuesday, a fourth year UZ student complained of missing lectures after allegedly spending hours in queue for the buses to the UZ campus.

“We opened recently, but I am failing to attend my morning lecturers consistently because I only afford Zupco buses, which unfortunately are not running on time,” said the disgruntled student.

The Zimbabwe National Students’ Union leader, Takudzwa Ngadziore, said punctuality was essential in students’ quest for the “right to education”. 

“Henceforth, the delay of Zupco buses for students at UZ does not only take away the dignity of the future of this nation but makes education a privilege,” he said.

Ngadziore further submitted that the current situation implied that tertiary education was now a preserve for car owners.

“Lectures are timed, thus any delay means a negative impact in students’ aim of going to university.  On the other hand, some end up putting themselves in danger due to such delays. Intergenerational relationships and ‘blessers’ become rife,” he added.


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