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ZRP ‘Tame The Traffic Jungle’ Operation Gone Wrong In Mbare

ZRP ‘Tame The Traffic Jungle’ Operation Gone Wrong In Mbare

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) encountered resistance during their ‘Tame The Traffic Jungle’ operation in Mbare. A video circulating on social media captured the dramatic scene as a private car seemingly defied the police’s attempt to make an arrest.

Confrontation Caught on Camera

The footage reveals two female police officers seated in the back of the alleged private car, struggling to apprehend the driver. An unidentified individual can be seen engaging in a physical altercation with one of the officers through the car window. In the midst of the scuffle, the officer’s baton stick is seized, leading her to exit the vehicle.

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Operation Statistics and Objectives

Prior to this incident, the ZRP had released a statement highlighting the achievements of their ‘Tame The Traffic Jungle’ operation. The operation resulted in the arrest of over 43,000 motorists, aiming to tackle various issues plaguing the nation’s roads.

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Among the arrests, a significant number of 14,469 individuals were apprehended for operating “mushikashika.” This crackdown targets unlicensed and unregulated public transport. Additionally, the police’s efforts focused on combating reckless driving, leading to the arrest of 342 motorists who endangered themselves and others on the roads. Another 2,961 individuals were apprehended for touting, engaging in the unlawful solicitation of passengers in restricted zones.

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Addressing Road Safety Concerns

The police initiated the ‘Tame The Traffic Jungle’ operation to address the alarming rise in road accidents attributed to unlicensed vehicles, unroadworthy vehicles, unauthorized public transport operators, and reckless driving. By targeting these issues, the police aim to enhance road safety and protect the welfare of commuters.