Zimbabwe delivers the highest number of Cambridge International exam entries in Sub-Saharan Africa


Report by Tito Maposa

ZIMBABWE is delivering the highest number of Cambridge International exam entries in Sub-Saharan Africa and the 10th most entries each year globally, reflecting the growth and positive impact of Cambridge International qualifications in the country.

Its exam series is proving to be very popular with the 2018/19 entries across all qualifications recording an impressive growth of 6% year-on-year. 

The Cambridge International Primary and Lower Secondary Checkpoint assessments also displayed a good performance growing by 17%.

The number of Cambridge International schools in Zimbabwe is growing steadily. 

In 2013/14 there were 72 schools. This has since grown to 124, registering about 10 schools each year.

Cambridge Assessment group chief executive, Saul Nassé, who arrived in the country this week, said the Cambridge curriculum is becoming more and more available to schools.

Partnering with the British Council, we cater for a wide range of schools in Zimbabwe including the ‘asset light but teaching rich’ schools. We are delighted that our curriculum is becoming more and more available to schools. Sixty-three of the 124 schools in Zimbabwe are registered with Cambridge International via the British Council.

“With our two-examination series that run annually, we are pleased to see that our qualifications continue to be impactful in Zimbabwe. We are determined to set the bar high by designing programmes that equip our future leaders with the necessary higher-order thinking skills that universities and employers look for.

Through these programmes, students are able to build their research, reflection and communication skills. We are particularly proud of the teachers who have put in tremendous work to ensure these results are possible, and not forgetting the students whose commitment and hard work continue to produce great results,” said Nassé.

In June 2019, the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) became part of the Cambridge family, jointly purchased by Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge University Press.

Accurately measuring a child’s potential and progress is a very valuable part of understanding and responding to their educational needs. CEM is one of the largest and longest established providers of formative assessments for children of all ages. Its evidence-driven expertise in formative assessment is a natural fit with Cambridge’s education philosophy and portfolio.

Towards the end of 2019, Cambridge International extended its programmes, supporting schools by offering a broad and balanced curriculum. Four new subjects were added to its Primary and Lower Secondary programmes: Art & Design, Digital Literacy, Music and Physical Education.

These subjects complement its existing offer of English, English as a Second Language, Maths, Science and Cambridge Global Perspectives.

There are Cambridge International Primary and Lower Secondary Support sites for schools which gives them access to curriculum frameworks, teacher guides, and schemes of work.

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